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Here's a Little Bit About
Bethink Marketing Consulting

Who We Are  

We're all about bringing positive changes to immigration and citizenship firms with a modern sales and marketing approach. This means that we're always on the lookout for the latest software, tools, and best practices to develop the right systems that are invaluable for the present and anticipates for the future.

We work best with law firms and consulting firms who offer immigration and citizenship solutions and have a desire to do more with their current sales and marketing efforts. In most cases, this feeling of dissatisfaction stems from not having the right tools to match opportunities created by technology and how potential clients shop these days.

The way we help is by implementing the most powerful CRM platform to help your business become more efficient and grow. Our systems comprise of HubSpot and consultation services to help you better manage your contacts and bring in new clients.

HubSpot - The Foundation of Our Business

HubSpot is a state of art CRM platform we use in our business to be relevant, efficient and grow. Since inception, in 2017, we became one of their solutions partners to provide HubSpot and related services to immigration and citizenship firms to keep this amazing platform not only to ourselves.

We became a Gold partner in 2020 in recognition of our efforts to bring HubSpot to businesses who are looking for a change. We are the only HubSpot Gold partner in Canada that focuses solely on helping the immigration sector.

"A Better Future for Immigration and Citizenship Firms"

"I work with dozens of agencies all across North America. One thing that has always stood to me about Bethink Marketing Consulting is their relentless pursuit of "better". They're constantly working and developing ways to make the Immigration and citizenship industry better and innovative. If your company is looking to grow better and expand your immigration and citizenship services, the team at Bethink needs to be at the top of your list for consideration."

Dylan Wickliffe

What Makes Us Different From Other Agencies

Focused on Immigration and Citizenship firms

Many agencies work with all types of businesses. We decided to focus on where we can bring the most value based on our experience and love to work with people who want to make a difference in the lives of many families.

HubSpot Gold
Certified Partner

There are a ton of agencies out there. If we look solely at HubSpot agencies, there are about 180 of them in Canada. About 20 of them are Gold, like us. And out of the 20, we are the only one that focuses on immigration and citizenship.

We Know Sales, Not Just Marketing

Yes, we can help you generate traffic and leads, but we know that it takes more than that to grow your business. This is why we want to be involved in revolutionizing your sales system so that you can be more efficient in getting new clients.

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