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Implementing the Right CRM, Methodology and Tools
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We apply the Inbound Methodology to attract your ideal clients by creating valuable content and experiences tailed to them.
HubSpot is the CRM that we use to make it all happen.

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Inbound Methodology

The Proper Way to Do Digital Marketing

The inbound methodology is to approach sales and marketing that matches how prospects buy today. It focuses on building trust through content that is found by your potential clients. They come to you (inbound) rather than you pushing ads to bring them in (outbound).

The Inbound Methodology attracts strangers to your website, convert them to leads, provides your salespeople the resources to engage and close them as customers while delighting them so that they become your promoters.

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Executing Inbound Activities All within the CRM

HubSpot brings all essential inbound marketing activities under one roof. You can publish blog articles, create website landing pages, setup automated emails, and many more all within HubSpot.

Not only you can run all your inbound marketing activities within this CRM, but HubSpot is also a full platform for Sales as well, making it seamless to synchronize and create synergie between the 2 departments.

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Our Services

1. Onboarding

The purpose of the onboarding is to setup HubSpot's CRM marketing elements with a personalized approach for your business. This is to ensure that when we start running inbound marketing activities, have the fundamentals set in place in order to be efficient in generating leads.

Onboarding Process Time Frame: 60-90 Days

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2. Inbound Marketing Services

Once the onboarding is complete, we will transition to our monthly inbound marketing services where we will write, setup, and publish content strategically while managing your HubSpot CRM.

For those who are already on HubSpot, we will do an audit and fill in any gaps prior to running inbound marketing activities.


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