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Work with the Most Powerful CRM Platform and Sales Tools to Revolutionize Your Sales Activities

Bringing HubSpot, Stripe, and PandaDoc together under 1 roof.

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Dynamic CRM to tracks email and
website activities

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Accept Large
Credit Card Payments

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Send and track documents
to be signed electronically


Say goodbye to Excel and old CRMs for managing contacts.

What we love about HubSpot is that it provides businesses a better understanding of their leads and clients while having a sales platform to better manage their contacts and making sure none of them are left out.  

HubSpot is the all-in-one platform that includes marketing, sales, and service software that helps your business grow. It offers a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a CRM at its core.

Top Features for Sales Team

Dynamic CRM

Activity Tracking & Notification

Email Sequences & Calendar Booking

Deals Pipeline


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Receive payments faster by adding a Stripe payment button to your invoices.

Paying an invoice is the last thing that potential clients want to do. Why not make it easier for them to process their payments?

With the Stripe payment processing platform, we can help make possible for your upcoming clients to pay directly from the invoice that they receive via Credit Card. 

Top Features for Sales Team

HubSpot Integration

Payment Button on dedicated Web Pages

Automatic Receipt

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Still getting your clients to fax or scan sign your PDFs? End the hassle with PandaDoc.

PandaDoc, a document builder software, provides the new way of sending documents for your contacts to sign. Whether it's for clients or affiliate partners, PandaDoc makes it seamless to sign documents with their integrated Esignature and progress tracking. 

Top Features for Sales Team

Progress Tracking

HubSpot Integration


Migrate Existing Documents

Auto Filled Templates

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Our Services

1. Onboarding

During the onboarding process, we will go in great detail of what you currently have in your sales system and migrate existing assets, such as your contacts and documents, while implementing the new tools from HubSpot, Stripe, and PandaDoc.

Onboarding Process Time Frame: 30 - 60 Days


2. Sales Consulting

Once the onboarding is complete, we will transition to our monthly sales consulting services where we manage your HubSpot portal, schedule regular training and coaching sessions to keep your sales team accountable.


Ready to revolutionize your sales system?